Donald Duck

Alba has been an official manufacturer distributor of Disney watches since the 1970s, and has released many LCD and dial watches.
The copyright on the watch is held by Walt Disney ProductToys.  
This design is a Donald Duck watch with a Y755 module.
It features Donald flipping pancakes for two of his nephews on the front. The pancake theme also works through the LCD display, as the day markers along the top of the LCD are also pancakes.
It is also a game watch, and it seems that you can have to flip the pancakes and press a button to land them on Donalds nephews plate. Do it right and a small stack of pancakes appears on the bottom of the display, but if you miss you restart. This is my best guess on the action, but I can't work out if there is a score or not.
As well as the game, the watch has date and alarm (shown by a bugle on the LCD panel), and uses a 4 digit LCD display. Light is provided by a small bulb behind Donald.
The full model number is Y755-5000, and the catalogue number is WZ024R. It's original sale price was 7,800 yen.

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